“My life is better than your holiday”…wow what a concept. I first saw this game changing statement on a car bumper sticker five years ago and having relocated to Byron Bay I now believe that everyone can, and deserves to have an e-sea life that really is that good.

I’m not suggesting we throw in the towel to spend all day swimming and lying around on one (although I am a fan) but what I am proposing is that we can each feel more like we do on our well-earned breaks all year round and style our lives in a way that is conducive to this level of holiday happiness. It doesn’t require millions of dollars but it does require defining what you truly want and having the confidence to take calculated risk in order to achieve it.

The e-sea life aims to be an inspiring mix of three key ingredients:

the e-sea life: about - seachange

From Sydney to Byron Bay five years ago, it was my best move yet. Career wise it was risky and took courage to transition away from the city I’d called home for sixteen years to a place I’d fallen in love with on a brief holiday many moons before.

the e-sea life: about - swim challenge

Was born on January 1st out of my desire for a routine that would get me up and actively involved in every single day of my life. This routine manifested itself in the shape of a challenge put to me by a close friend who offered to be my ‘ocean swimming partner in crime’ for 2015. We nicknamed it “Get up Get in” and later realised we could inspire others by documenting some of our experience.

the e-sea life: about - blog

Was created to give readers a clear pathway to the luxurious life we all deserve – one that starts in a positive, active way, is “e-sea” and relaxed as well as full of excitement, joy, love and seaside sensation. With tropical travel tips, go do lists and “e-sea” life-style tricks, I hope it gives you that holiday feeling every time you drop by and brings you one step closer to living a life that is every bit as good as your dream vacation.