My newborn baby is nine weeks old and I’ve been attempting to write this blog since just after she was born – which leads me to my first tip:

  1. Accept that your baby is – as we have coined ours (among a myriad of other nicknames) – “The Big Show”. Everything else is not only put on the back burner as it pales in comparison but becomes virtually impossible. Just when you’re about to…
  2. The most common piece of advice I was given prior to Alexandra’s birth is “Sleep when they sleep”. This is great in theory but not always possible as there are baby and household related chores to be done. Many of us may not be able to rely on friends, relies or hired help so more appropriately – sleep whenever you can! Aim to have at least one nap per day which I have found vital to surviving feeding through the night.
  3. Downtime – again “aim” to devote an hour a day to downtime. Sit in the sun, fiddle on facebook, phone a friend, read a magazine or enjoy a creative pursuit e.g. reading my blog! Select something daily for you to look forward to that floats your boat and believe me, the simplest of things now will!
  4. Talk to others who are going through a similar stage of parenting. Whether they be old or new pals (made through this bonding experience) choose wisely making damn sure they are not the judgemental type.
  5. Trust your instincts and be confident in the fact that the only person/people who know what is right for your child is you!
  6. Don’t worry that you were possibly previously slightly irresponsible or that your child will be (there is plenty of time for that when they hit their teens!). You are now the Queen and/or King of the house and have a wealth of valuable knowledge to impart and what you don’t know you can find on the Internet. Thank god for google.
  7. Take photos of your beautiful new baby and be one of those annoying parents who shows them off! You went through nine months of hell and hell just froze over – kidding – but it has been, is and will be tough so enjoy your accomplishment. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your little miracle.
  8. “This too shall pass” is a good phrase to have at the forefront of your mind. You will only have a newborn for a short time so with this in mind enjoy as many minutes with them as possible.
  9. Don’t forget during those minutes you are not enjoying (and there will be many) that this is normal. Your hormones have hit rock bottom, your body is adjusting after enduring massive changes and your mind too needs time to digest the surreal experience that is becoming a parent. Don’t only take care of your baby also be kind to yourself.
  10. Laugh – if you don’t you’ll cry! Humour is absolutely the best medicine. Giggle as your newborn grunts like a wild animal in his/her sleep, farts loudly and explores your face with it’s curious little peepers.

If you’ll indulge me in a No.11 – Smile in the realisation that you can no longer regret a single move you’ve ever made in all your years on the planet as each and every one of them led you to create this incredible individual. Mind bogging right?

Alexandra - e-sea living

Wow I actually found the time to finish my post! See…baby steps x

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  • Johnie

    Just what the doctor ordered, thank you!

    • Melanie Symons

      Johnie many thanks for your comment and for taking the time to drop by.

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