“Let’s go beach!” my sister was renowned for saying to our Mum who’d then strip us down, lather us in sunscreen and lead us there, lugging a giant beach umbrella. Grabbing our hands tightly as we crossed the busy road Mum would curb our enthusiasm for just long enough to ensure we made it in one piece!

Visiting the beach is imprinted in my DNA and I will forever be drawn to dig my feet in the sand and dive through the breaking waves. Mother nature holds down my reset button and when released I emerge from the water with a new beginning!

Aside from being recharged by this energising environment I’m inspired! Great ideas spring forth from trips to the beach and it’s where I’ve spent many new years mornings sitting quietly contemplating what I really want from my life and setting goals to make it happen.

Over time the things I want have changed but my rule of thumb hasn’t…

An e-sea enjoyable life comes from pursuing your passion with purpose.

So what is it? What are you truly passionate about achieving this year? Don’t waste your life doing something that makes you miserable. Work out what lights you up, find a way to do it for a living and never work another day in your life…

Take it e-sea. Mel x

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