e-sea living: new year, new you

“Let’s go beach!” my sister was renowned for saying to our Mum who’d then strip us down, lather us in sunscreen and lead us there, lugging a giant beach umbrella. Grabbing our hands tightly as we [...]

e-sea travel: sample food festival

My stomach starts to rumble just thinking about the Sample Food Festival in Bangalow, an event firmly fixed on my calendar each year. If you’re planning a trip to the Northern Rivers you [...]

e-sea living: get up get in

As a little girl I adored taking a bath. Holding my breath under the water for as long as I possibly could it was a wonder I didn’t drown. Addicted to the serenity below the surface I would [...]

e-sea living: ocean inspired art

One of my closest friends is an especially kind, considerate person with a heart of gold. She’s a committed vegan, animal lover who paints the coolest ocean-inspired art around. Before [...]

e-sea travel: rome

Entering the city my taxi driver shouted, “Look at Roma, bellisimo bellisimo”. Proudly waving BOTH hands in the air he introduced me to each historic monument we passed expressing his [...]

e-sea living: garmin 920XT

My boyfriend is having an affair…with his latest accessory, his new Garmin 920XT watch. He’s obsessed with it! This baby counts his steps, monitors his sleep and gently vibrates him [...]

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