Life Easy? Come on! Recently I endured the tragic sudden passing of my mother and while I will spare you the horrific details hard times led me to question whether by its very name this blog could alienate the people I was most hoping to reach (those who for whatever reason may be falling on tough times) and give the illusion that I was simply skating (or coasting!) through life. No one identifies with that. Ironically skating was my Mum’s greatest passion, with legs from here to eternity (hopefully what she is experiencing now) she danced on the ice, into Australian teams and then onto the judging panel. But here it is – I’ve had incredibly tough times (of late more so than ever) as many of us have but even in those moments I maintain there are things we can do to help make our lives e-sea-er. Life can be cruel but it’s the way we handle it that makes or breaks us. Since my Mum’s accident I’ve been told that (as a result of it) I suffered what is known to psychology professionals as a “double trauma”, so, for those of you who have also been dealt some pretty horrible cards here’s how I am going about making my life e-sea-r during what has definitely not been an e-sea time:

1. Staying busy! Too much idle time means reliving the trauma
2. Relishing in the joy children bring – thank god for my beautiful baby Alexandra who I cannot help but smile around
3. Swimming – my ‘go to’ – it always makes me feel better
4. Surrounding myself with family and friends – ONLY those who don’t criticise and have diplomacy, it’s a sensitive time
5. Remembering what I love to do – write, present television, walk to the nearby field and show my daughter the cows…

6. This is a big one – making a move. We moved to the country! The Byron hinterland brings healing powers that only getting back to nature can do
7. Getting back to nature!
8. Reassessing what I want to do with my very short life. In my mind there is no longer time for “One day we will…” mind you I was never much like that anyway but I have recently convinced those I love that we should prioritise our bucket lists (so if you haven’t got one start writing!)
9. Planning and working out how we can make those bucket list items happen! Now! Not one day
10. This biggest one of all – turning my overarching focus in life to that which truly matters to me. My young family and the simple things, precious moments exploring nature and enjoying adventures. Experiences that don’t cost a thing and do come e-sea-ly.

In addition I also have a fantastic councillor, there is no shame in this it is one of the wisest things a person can do! I’m so proud of my partner and I for seeing Greg prior to our daughters’ birth to ensure we provided the best environment possible for our little one. Psychologists are not just there for victims of trauma – if you need someone to talk to about anything you may be struggling with find one you resonate with…they can help! Lots of love and take it e-sea always. Mel

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  • Roxana

    Gorgeously written , witty, victimless inspiration.

    • Melanie Symons

      Thank you lovely! Much appreciated. x

  • Reine

    Beautiful insights xx

    • Melanie Symons

      Thanks Reine, lovely to hear from you x

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