One of my closest friends is an especially kind, considerate person with a heart of gold. She’s a committed vegan, animal lover who paints the coolest ocean-inspired art around. Before buying my Byron home I lucked upon renting one of the three rooms in her beach shack while she was sunning herself on the island of Kauai, no doubt allowing Hawaii’s most pristine destination to inspire her next masterpiece.

Opening my eyes every morning to see a glorious (and enormous!) turtle swimming in a sea of vivid turquoise and coconuts and coral reefs placed with accidental genius among her free spirited interiors gave me a rebirth, making me feel so light it was as if my feet were no longer touching the ground. The smell of Byron summer creeping in from outside certainly helped but it was this place and her creativity that prompted me to secure the e-sea life I wanted. Now that I have it, all I need is a Terezka Beck original!

Ocean Inspired Art: the e-sea life

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