Mr e-sea life and I swam in the ocean for 156 consecutive days this year! O.k it’s not 365 but I reckon we did alright?

After swimming a number of times at crazy hours in the dead of night following a long day shooting Sydney Weekender, a road trip from a far off location to Sydney airport, flight to the Gold Coast and drive home to Byron Bay we acknowledged it was no longer wise particularly in the midst of a series of devastating shark attacks off our local beaches.

Swim Challenge - 156 Days Down!: the e-sea life

The last thing I want to do is encourage people to swim in dangerous conditions so we stopped the challenge. Let’s face it we have to be sensible, there’s no point creating an awesome life only to compromise it by not using your head!

In saying that swimming in the ocean is so rewarding and I have never felt so alive! We still swim unless it’s well, freezing or not possible before sundown and I one hundred percent maintain that setting goals that get you up and actively involved in every single day of our life is one of the keys to making it fantastic!

The beauty of having dived into something (excuse the pun) like our ocean swim challenge is that from little things big things grow…

Enter the e-sea life. What I consider to be the best avenue for me to continue to challenge, inspire and help you to breeze through each day, be your best and design your life to be fun and stress free.

They say life wasn’t meant to be easy, here at the e-sea life we disagree! We’re only here once (as far as we know) so get up and get in the water or get moving in some way to stimulate your body and mind, love yourself, don’t dream – do and make the bloody most of it! You deserve to. Life is not about suffering, it’s about embracing everything we have, striving for what matters to you and enjoying every last minute. Life was meant to be e-sea!

Swim Challenge - 156 Days Down!: the e-sea life

Take it e-sea. Mel x

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