my byron art journey

When I bought my first Byron home I had art on the walls before I had furniture. To eat I sat at a coffee table on the floor surrounded by giant black and white beautifully framed photographs of [...]

Life e-sea? Come on!

Life Easy? Come on! Recently I endured the tragic sudden passing of my mother and while I will spare you the horrific details hard times led me to question whether by its very name this blog [...]

Welcome Alexandra

Scott and I would like to thank the Sunday Mail for the lovely piece about both the arrival of our beautiful daughter Alexandra and my enduring friendship with my now sister Shelley Craft. Love a [...]

my pregnancy journey

There are no two ways about it pregnancy is tough. Everyone’s experience is unique however anyone who tells you it’s a breeze is in my opinion either lying or has forgotten the worst [...]

e-sea weekender: mighty montague

After twelve odd years on Sydney Weekender I’m often asked, “What’s your favourite story?” So here’s the first (you don’t expect me to have just one do you?)! Montague is on the East [...]

e-sea weekender: road trip!

I’m not ashamed to admit that in winter my ugg boots barely come off my feet, much to my boyfriend’s disgrace! Though teamed with my Victoria’s Secret tiger print slip surely [...]

swim challenge:156 days down!

Mr e-sea life and I swam in the ocean for 156 consecutive days this year! O.k it’s not 365 but I reckon we did alright? After swimming a number of times at crazy hours in the dead of night [...]